James Younger
Passed 1st time
Highly recommend the LDC system and using Terry as the driving instructor. Terry always had very clear and structured lessons, which allowed clear progression for me as a student, and I was able to track progress with her and I could show my family what stage I was at. The LDC Book that I was given was very handy, as have clear guide on different targets that needed to be achieved for each section, and meant that my progression can be tracked, so we didn’t work on the same aspect two lessons in a row. This meant that I could see what stages I was at (E.G, busier junctions) and I could practice this at home in my car so that the target can be nailed. Also with the book it showed tips and instructions about how to complete different targets in stages (E.G, turning into a junction, using M,S,S,M,M) and explaining each step in detail. This meant I was able to look at this before each lesson and lessons would run more smoothly as had a clearer understanding on what needed to be achieved for different targets. Also by following the targets once you get past the basic section it’s your choice as the learner about what targets you wanted to do next such as practicing different manoeuvres for reversing or practice skills on busier roads and junctions.

This meant I felt some control and was planning my own lessons meaning I could progress at my own rate, and Terry would step in if she thought we should do something before. This meant I was never pushing my self out of my comfort zone, I was completing targets at a safe and relevant rate for me which was supported by Terry and the LDC book. Also when working with Terry she always gave points of improvement and always complemented me when I did something well as well. This gave me confidence to keep progressing and achieve high driving skills.

Also Terry was very reliable with the lessons I had booked and was very flexible if I needed to change the times, meaning no hours were lost.

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